Early Bird specials          Barbados $


Planters Breakfast
   Eggs, bacon, sausages, hash brown…          $25.00

Omelets            Three eggs your style – served with fries or salad

Cheese, Onion, Tomatoes, ham, bacon & our special herbs             $22.50

Starters all for $12.50



Soup of the day

Seafood Cocktail

Bajan Fish Cakes

Chicken Salad

Jerk Chicken Wings

Potato Skins

Sweet & Sour Meatballs


Starter Combo Platter– serving size for 2 guests

A favorite mix of Fish cakes, wings, potato skins, meatballs             $25.00

Main Course



Chefs’ Salad

Ham, Chicken, Cheese & Egg served on a bed of lettuce                      $25.00

Steak or chicken & mushroom pie

Served with your choice of fries, rice or salad                                               $25.00

Shrimp Plate

Jumbo Shrimp served in a basket with fries & salad                               $37.50

8oz Steak served with choice of rice or French fries                              $37.50

House Specials - served with Fries or Peas ‘n’ rice



Bajan Flying Fish - seasoned & deep fried- Delicious!       $25.00

Traditional Beef Stew - marinated & stewed to perfection         $25.00

Steak Fish - an experience not to miss                                                     $25.00

Sunbury House Combo

Grilled - Shrimp, steak fish, & flying fish platter                                    $37.50


Burgers – served with French fries                Bds $


Beef burger
– quarter pound garnished in a bun                            $15.00

Cheeseburger – Quarter pound burger & melted cheese          $17.50

Jumbo Hot Dogs – served with French fries                                     $10.00

Toasted Sandwiches – a quick bite…



Flying fish Sandwich - House Special                         

Tuna & MayoPlantation style….                                                               $12.50

Good Old Cheese & your tit bit of favorite salad….                              $10.00

Ham & Cheese an Oldie house favorite                                                    $12.50

Cartwheel Club Sandwich -Triple Decker with French Fries       $25.00

Wheely specials on the side



Side order French Fries                                         
                                $ 7.50

Side Salad                                                                                                      $ 6.25

Garlic Bread – an old favorite – don’t miss it!                                   $5.00




Locally made Ice Cream
  - Chocolate, Vanilla,

Coconut cream, Rum & Raisin or Maple Almond.                              $6.25

Planters Sundae – House recipe                                                           $8.75

Coconut Cream Pie – a luscious wicked delight                           $7.50

Homemade apple pie with Ice cream                                                 $7.50

Cooks wonderful Dessert of the day                                             $7.50

Fruit Salad – the fruit lovers’ favorite!                                                  $10.00


All above prices includes VAT & Service Charge

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